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about the knife. seems they, too, were trying to make sense of her changing story. >> you said you remember putting the knife in the dishwasher after killing travis. but you also say you don't remember anything after dropping the knife on the bathroom tile. which is correct? >> i have a vague memory of putting the knife in the dishwasher. i'm just not sure if that was june 4th. >> and there are more questions about the gun used to kill alexander. was it in a holster or not when she says she grabbed it out of the closet. now suddenly she's not so sure. and this is key, because the state believes she brought a gun with her to kill alexander and never really grabbed a gun from alexander's closet. arias seemed to get tripped up again on this question about whether or not the gun was loaded. >> did you tell the jury when you were talking about the tal attack in response to one of their questions that you believe the gun was unloaded. do you remember saying that, yes or no? >> i don't know. >> after that, the prosecutor let her have it. >> what were you going to do with the gun, throw i
and what not, please, take good care of what you're doing today. you may have to change travel plans. >>> severe storms in the south. heavy rain flooded streets yesterday and some cars in birmingham, alabama. even a mobile police command center got caught in rising water. the storms are expected to pack a punch today, too. north georgia and southern florida are on alert. possible tornadoes. >>> all right, i want to give you a new recordings of an eyewitness 911 call that is shedding new light on the deadly shooting of a toddler in georgia. listen to this. >> appears he has been shot. >> listen to me, ma'am, is the baby breathing? >> i don't know. the baby is in a stroller and i just came out. did you hear any shots in the area? >> listen the baby is on the ground. >> i have people en route to you. did you hear any shots in the area? >> yes, i heard the shots. >> 17-year-old elkens and a 14-year-old boy who the police are not naming because of his age, are charged with first degree murder. nick is in the small town of brunswick. you saturday down yesterday with the baby's mom, sherry
and it seems that it is possible this changes. we'll keep an eye on that and come back to you in selma. thanks. >>> senator mitch mcconnell accuses a liberal group using racial slurs to criticize his wife. former labor secretary elaine cho. sent out a tweet that implies cho's asian background is linked with u.s. jobs moving to china. she moved to the u.s. when she was 8 and mcconnell called the comments "the ultimate outrage." progress, kentucky, has taken them off twitter and has apologized and will be a guest on "state of the union." >>> searchers outside of tampa have given up on finding a man who disappeared when a sinkhole opened under his bed. later this morning demolition crews will start tearing down the house and authorities say the ground is so unstable that it's too dangerous to look for jeff bush's body. the hole is about 50 feet deep and 30 feet wide and soil testing showed it could swallow up more houses in the neighborhood. two familialli families had to leave. >> we did some testing and we determined that the house right next to the house that is actually damaged, which is the
snow has more. >> reporter: brianna, it's complicated. latte's won't change because they have milk. coffee with sugar, that's a different story. one coffee chain is bracing its customers. we found many who were surprised to learn of the breadth of this city ban. along with that cup of coffee, a side order of new rules. dunkin donuts i handing out these flyers to its new york city customers on how new regulations spills over into its coffee business. it's part of the ban on super sized sugary drinks that goes into effect tuesday. it's part of the city effort to fight obesity. to comply, dunkin donuts will no longer put sugar in coffee over 16 ounces. you'll have to do it yourself. >> i'm surprised. i thought it was like soda and ice teas. >> it's annoying. it's unnecessary. there are so many other things to worry about in this city. >> the city isn't banning restaurants from putting sugar in coffee. the department of health says the limit for a barrista is four pacts of sugar for 20 ounces. customers themselves can add as much sugar as they want. dunkin donuts says it wants to cut d
republican urged the president to keep it up. >> this is a change we should encourage. whether it's motivated for all sorts of reasons we don't understand or not. >> but more budget drama on the horizon. marco rubio told a conservative radio host he may not sign on to the latest temporary spending bill. >> about a year and a half ago, i voted for the continuing resolution and i announced this is the last stopgap measure i'll vote for. i'll only vote from here on on something serious and so far we haven't asked that. >> asked if that meant he might filibuster the bill, a spokesman told cnn, we're reviewing our options. where officials say the autom automatic cuts are forcing them to stop tours. visitors are losing their patience. >> i think it's unfair because it's supposed to be government for the people. they're not letting the people see the government. >> the white house is conducting some business in secret these days that officials won't talk about until well after they happen. the obama administration is evolving in its second term, but it's doing so cautiously and quietly. brianna and
weekend." >> the mission has changed because we can no longer sustain a rescue effort. >>> the florida sinkhole that has swallowed one life is so dangerous, it is threatening an entire neighborhood. wait until you see what authorities are are doing to the houses there. >>> it's the first sunday without a pope. now the cardinals are descending on the vatican to elect the next holy father. we'll take you live to rome. >>> accused murderer jodi arias expected back on the stand monday as her attorneys take back questions. >>> it's sunday, march 3rd, good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye this morning. >>> it's been a busy morning for crews at the international space station. about 30 minutes ago they grabbed the dragon cargo vehicle and the next step is to lock it down to the station around 9:40 eastern time. there was some glitches when dragon launched friday and that delayed its arrival by about a day but spacex says everything is working now. the unmanned capsule is carrying more than 1,200 supplies for the station crew and their experiments. >>> at the vatican, th
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of the biggest cheating scandals. they face charges of corruption and racketeering and are accused of changing or fabricating test scores in 2001. and some are facing 45 years in prison if convicted, and that includes hall who resigned, and she was a full participant and threatened and punished teachers that did not cheat. the grand jury is recommending that her bond be set at $7.5 million once she surrendered. >>> and then offering free hepatitis test and hiv test. the dentist stopped prag after there were dirty and rusty tools were used. >> reporter: when health officials are calling your dentist a mennice to public health, is it a wonder so many of those parents are worried? not many people jumped for joy when it's time to go to the dentist. colton scott now has more reasons than others to be nervous about his dentist. he had his wisdom teeth removed last year by dr. harrington, and just found out he could have contracted a infectious disease. >> that's the last thing that you think you will be exposed to hiv or hepatitis, something that never would have crossed by mind in a million years.
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approach. one that combines smart spending cuts with entitlement reform and changes to our tax code that make it more fair for families and businesses without raising anyone's tax breaks. that's how we can reduce our deficit without laying off workers or forcing parents and students to pay the price. i don't think that's too much to ask. >> now, there's no sign that republicans are willing to work with the president for those increases in revenues that he would like to see. they see those as tax increases and that was the subject of the republican weekly address to the country. and so both sides are still really at their battle stations at this point. but victor and brianna, if you go through this list of budget cuts, it is kind of extraordinary. they're talking about just this year, $53 million in cuts to food inspectors with the department of agriculture. these cuts are starting to kick in. >> and we're certainly going to see that in the weeks ahead. and you probably saw yesterday, there was this water cooler moment. >> yes. >> during the president's remarks. i guess a star wars r
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of the expectations that have been raised by the change of the vatican that, in fact, i think a lot of people are thinking this could be a very important day, indeed. we're waiting to see what the pope will say in his remarks to the crowd. here he comes out on the papal balcony, as it is called. he is expected to deliver the blessing to the city and the world and hope for the number of people who are still gathered here in the square after this papal mass this morning, alison. >> he prayed for peace in the middle east and christians in africa, how will pope francis' message be different? >> i'm not sure it is going to be different. i think it probably will be a message of peace and the same kind of thing we heard last year and some additions to take into account. the fact that, the fact that there are many different conflicts that have been add aed since last year, including in places like mali and nigeria and i wouldn't be surprised if he included a message of peace for those conflict zones, as well. we'll see the same and additional countries added, perhaps, perhaps to include the kind of g
. it would be enough to cause incredible climate change and it would probably -- it's hard to estimate, it would be like many, many, nuclear weapon explosions. it would be severe damage and depending upon where it hit. if it hit in the ocean, it could cause a tsunami. it would kill a lot of people, but not wipe out the species. >> you said there could be time to divert an asteroid. first off, i might be concerned because we didn't know about this one -- we found out on sunday. that's not a lot of lead time. what would you need to do to divert an asteroid? and i'm assuming you're going to tell me it's not some sort of intervention that involves bruce willis and ben affleck. >> it's not that different. the point is -- it's true, we didn't see this one until sunday. this one, even though it would cause a significant amount of devastation is not large enough to be planet threatening. the ones large enough to be planet threatening 10 kilometers across or something like that, those we could see a few years in advance, probably. and there are various ways, including just sending a rocket ship
until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air. a new ride comes along and changes everything. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. hot dog? i'm buying. i'll use my capital one venture card with double miles you can actually use to fly any airline anytime. ♪ what are you doing? i'm saving one for later. my body keeps it warm. it's like a little hot dog steamer in there. go ahead, touch my chest. no. ♪ what's in your wallet? you got any mustard in there? ♪ >>> let's do this. let's talk march madness. yes, another tournament upset this weekend. wichita state, a number nine team, knocked off ohio state for a spot in the final four. after holding off a late ohio state run, they held on to a 70-66 lead to stay alive in the tournament. syracuse also punched their tick toots the final hour after shutting down marquette, 55-39. 39 points, a record low for a team in a regional final. they won the tournament back in 2003. >>> derek jeter, he's one of the most famous athletes on the planet and
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)